Equal and Different

Why is it that in the process of change we pick the other, instead of all?

For example, often times when I hear conversations about gender neutral parenting – I hear to-be parents talking about raising their child without pink and blues, and dolls and cars – leaning towards yellow and greens, and animals and blocks.

While the intentions of “gender neutral” are right, I wonder perhaps… wouldn’t it be a more beautiful world if instead of taking pink and blue — and making it green and yellow, we encouraged our children to play with all the colors of the rainbow.

In this regard, instead of seeing the world as unequal and different – we would see everything as equal and different.

There are three steps to growth:

The first is, realizing that there is an “I” – this is recognizing the self.

The second is, realizing that there is a “you” – this is recognizing the other.

The third is, realizing that there is a “we” – this is recognizing the interdependencies.

What need most today, is an appreciation for the “we” – with respect to all that is around us.

Women, men and everyone in between.
Blue, pink, and all the colors we can and can’t see.

As we embark on this journey of growth, staying at unequal and different is only step two of three, it’s seeing that there is a You and Me.

Today I challenge us to try and see,
how can we incorporate a love for “we.”

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