In Sync

Do we just let life pass us by?

How often is it, that we drift,

meandering into what would be considered “the next task” in our mind?

Hum-drumming from one event to the next,

calling it the “melody” of life?

How often is it, that we put of for tomorrow,

what we dream of tonight?

Saying that we just “need a little more time”,

to achieve all that we desire.

How often is it, that we just let life pass us by?

Without conscientiously paying attention to the energy around us,

and what feels right?

How often is it, that we don’t engage consciously,

in directing our time, effort, and energy?

Believing that “this is the way life is,”

living for the short wins – like a project finished today, a task completed on time, an exotic weekend getaway, going on a hike –

Again, there is nothing wrong with this – I hope you don’t misunderstand,

I’m not saying don’t persevere or explore or try…

All I wonder is, how deeply have we realized:

that life becomes what we dream it capable to be.

So why are we afraid to dream big, to climb high – to imagine soaring with the birds in the night sky?

When did we loose our belief? our ability to create?

Why do we limit ourselves to the reality we perceive today?

Of what are we afraid?

And once we find the courage to ask ourselves these questions, I wish us strength,

to reach towards the energy that resonates –

perfectly, in sync with our souls.

After all …

that’s where the magic begins.

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