Sometimes I wonder: why do we alienate ourselves?

Pushing and pulling at the boundaries of belonging and loneliness.

I wonder what is the purpose?

Of choosing to be in the “in between” of presence and isolation?

It’s as if by withdrawing from the presences of others, we are attempting to grow bigger from within.

It’s as if by shrinking our light, we attempt to make our glow bright.

So we shut people out, we pull ourselves in.

We end up in a pout, and wonder: why do I feel this pain?

There is a fine line between belonging and loneliness.

I firmly beleive, too much of either isn’t a good thing.

Each in their own regard, play an important role in crafting the melody of life. And yet often times, we find ourselves spending too much time in one or the other – perhaps that’s where this story starts.

At the push and pull between here and there.

And in the process we find – for this moment – we don’t belong anywhere.

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