On Love

I love hugs, and forehead kisses.

I love the stars, and long conversations about dreams & wishes.

I love sunsets, and walking on the beach at midnight.

I love picnics, and sitting in candle light.

I love chocolate, and sipping wine.

I love exploring, and coloring outside the lines.

I love art, and sitting on the porch sipping tea.

I love dreaming, and encourage others to believe.

I love the small moments, and counting my blessings.

I love happiness, and new beginnings.

I love spontaneity, and turning challenges into opportunities.

I love questions, and exploring with curiosity.

I love “layers”, and finding the best in everything.

I love reading, and writing what I am feeling.

I love…

Oh I love so many things.

Quite simply…

I love life, and all of life’s intricacy.

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