My Wish

I have always met the world with my heart in my hands.

Some loved me back. Some took pieces from me.

From some I had to ask for my heart back, we just weren’t meant to be.

And some broke my heart, and left me to grieve.

I will always believe in love.

That is my choice.

It’s just that time & pain have made me tired,

so in my dreams, I carry a secret desire…

I wish to meet a man who would weave his hands with mine.

In his support, I would find strength.

In his soul, I would find my mate.

And in our palms, we would carry our love.

In a world that easily forgets what magic is like,

one story at a time, we would bring joy and laughter and belief into lives.

Like a light guiding you home….

Our love would be a symbol of hope.

That is my wish.

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