What all you see in others is a reflection of you.

-Emily Maroutian

Conflict- with this, I suffer too.

However, no longer do I judge the conflict that arises within me; now I observe, and in my observation, I reflect. I try to understand what lessons I have to learn, and what insights I have to gain.

See it is an imperative truth: you dont attract what you want, you attract what you are. Kindness inspires kindness, greatness inspires greatness, compassion inspires compassion, sorrow inspires sorrow, anger inspires anger. Everything you see in others is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

For the longest time, when I was upset with someone about something I’d revert to the classic thought process: why can’t they change that about themselves?

It has now become my active approach to acknowledge and then stop that thought the moment it arises, reframing to ask: What do I see here?

This simple shift allows me to gain self-awarness on the parts of my being that I may – conciously or unconcisouly – have been avoiding.

And that really is the best that we can do, is it not?

Practicing a little awarness every where we go.

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