Every Light has a Story

Have you ever taken a moment to notice all that is around you?

The person you see walking down the street or driving in the car next to you; the lady in the line behind you and the man walking his dog across your home- individual and unique in their own regard, they exist just like you and me.

Tormented by goals un-accomplished and errands unrun; distraught over unrequited love and unsaid goodbyes. They- like you and I dream, and believe in a better tomorrow. They- like you and I worry and wake up weary- sometimes too tired to continue on. They- like you and I, strive on.

Every light has a story, and they quite like you and I, are just trying to figure it all out.

So, smile at those who meet your wandering eyes, compliment those whom catch your attention, help those who need your help, and most of all love all those whom you encounter, for we are all waging a war against the same devil wearing different disguises.

And when nothing else works, just let it go. Let: the pain, the hurt, the torment, the confusion, the anxiety, the frustration, the helplessness, the hopelessness– whatever disguise your devil wears-  let it go.

Perhaps then you’ll learn the lesson it was trying to teach you…

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