Perhaps it isn’t about the answers…

Time is a favorite topic. From poet to scientist, we each rush to the aid of time for healing and blame. Of recent, I have come to realize that time’s true power rests not in the answers that it provides, but in the progress it creates.

Meaning and intent aside, we attempt to live life forward and analyze backwards. We look for the answers to all of our unanswered questions by trying to understand why we did what we did- but perhaps that isn’t the point. Perhaps the point is to pay attention to the all that is unsolved in hearts and to learn to love the questions themselves.

Perhaps the point is to live the questions now, and then gradually and without noticing it, we will live along some distant day into the answers.*

My inspiration to synthesize this piece came from my late night mulling.

*Quote adapted from Rainer Maria Rikle

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