Dear Dadu,

I miss you.
And while missing you, I wonder what do I mean when I say “I miss you?”

Do I mean that I miss your presence?
or perhaps your kindness?
Do I miss your stories?
or your voice?

I think what I mean is:
I miss having chances –
to sit & share stories,
to laugh together.

To make new memories.
Yes, that’s what I mean when I say I miss you.
I miss the chances I would have had to get to know you.

So I ask those who knew you best –
to speak for you instead.

And share their memories,
of how you lived and loved –
So that I too may have the chance …

To get to know you a bit better.
And perhaps miss you a little less.

3 thoughts on “Dadu

  1. You captured thoughts so beautifully, Raashi 😘. I rem the day Dadu saw your 1st time in your mom’s arm; he was full of pride and a substantial broad smile across
    1st child of the family, 1st granddaughter in his family. In your infant days, You and Dadu spend morning tea time with each other, him reading his daily newspaper n playing with you in the stroller n keeping you busy while Mom n me were busy with household errands. This picture of Dadu and you were taken when you were 7-8 month old


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