What if we measured love in transformation?

And not through time?

It is fair to say, that you can know someone for three days and
feel like you’ve known them your whole life.

And, you can know someone for three years and
feel like you’ve never truly know them at all.

The heart doesn’t wear a watch;
it doesn’t care about how long you’ve known someone.

What the heart cares about,
is connection.

Resonance opens the heart, expands it,

And asks:

What do we share?

Vibrating with the frequency of our energy,
we become entangled.

Often, in that entanglement we seek connection, and understanding.
Compassion and belonging.

Sometimes we find those qualities; and sometimes we don’t.

And sometimes we are lucky enough to find something more,

It is here, when we find a frequency that resonates with our own,
in the melody of our shared belonging,
our transformation begins.

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