I am sorry.

For letting you down.

I am sorry.

For the hurt, and for the pain.

For the sorrow, and for the ache.

I am sorry.

For making you feel like you are alone.

For letting you feel like you don’t matter.

I am sorry.

For walking away.

For not trying.

I am sorry.

And yes, that is not enough – nor would I ask it to be,
but if my sorry can act as a placeholder,
i’d ask: can you let it be —

— a reminder: I may have failed you, hurt you, left when you needed me

— but if it isn’t already too late: can you give me another chance?

For I now understand what it means to say I love you,
to call you my friend.

To stand by your side,
hand in hand.

But if it is too late,
and I have lost the privilege,
to have you in my life;

Then you should know:
be it through the shadows –
or in the light,

You’ll always be on my mind.

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