“Soul Mates”

When we talk of love, often we talk of individuals that complete parts of us that feel lost or broken. It isn’t wrong to want to feel whole, it isn’t wrong to look at the one we love as a savior.

And yet I believe that true love, the kind of love that moves you, the kind of love that awakens you … is a bit different in nature.

I have always believed, if there is something that needs to be done – I will do it. I am the hero of my story, and I do not need saving. Life has humbled me in my views, and today I stand willing to acknowledge that it is alright to ask for help, in fact at times we need to.

But asking for help should not be confused with resignation or making our problems someone else’s. No. Rather a healthy relationship is about helping each other help ourselves.

And that to me is what a “soul mate” is.

A soul mate is a mirror. A soul mate is a person who shows you everything that makes you “you” – and – a soul mate shows you everything that is holding you back. A soul mate brings you to your own attention, so that you can change your life. 

A soul mate is your partner, your best friend, your lover. They will walk with you, they will be your shoulder when you need to cry, your cuddle buddy when you just want to be held. A soul mate inspires you, they will support the direction of your dreams, they will encourage you to stretch, to change, to reinvent yourself.

You know you’ve found a “soul mate” when you look in the heart of the person whom you love, and in the familiarity of their being you find yourself reflected.

You are home.

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