Let in the Light

We do not need action- yet. We need more light. Light here means awareness, to be aware of life, of experience as it is at this moment without any judgements or ideas about it.

– Alan Watts

The more I sit with uncertainty, the more I begin to realize… this is exactly what I needed.

So often in life, we go from event to event, with hardly any space in between. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, personally, it isn’t for me.

Even in the past, when I found myself going from even to event – I would seek solitude as organically as we expand our lungs to breathe.

I didn’t then, but now I have the language to articulate what my actions were trying to create.

There is a space, between what was and what will be, and in that space we can stay either for moments, days, weeks, months, years, or a lifetime.

No specific amount of time is right or wrong, rather the duration is defined by what you need. For in this space, we receive the opportunity of relief.

If it helps, imagine the past and the future as two circles. Where the circles overlap is the present. In the present, we receive the opportunity to observe what is happening without judgement.

We can see without forming narrative. We can feel without feeling the need to act. We can acknowledge ourselves and all that is happening without letting our ego attach judgement.

Judgement is a verdict; judgement decides this is right or wrong, good or bad. Observation creates awareness, it is a tool to shine light on what is happening without feeling guilt, or pain, or fear.

Observation can provide relief, if that is what you seek. For observation lives in the space between what was and what will be…

Today, observation is what I seek, after many months, I feel like I can finally breathe.

I smile, it feels right.

So I continue to let in the light.

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