Self Love

She is smart enough to know what she deserves.

And bold enough to demand it.

For those who know me and my writing, this post is going to be very differnet from everything that I’ve written before.

For starters, this post is being written about me to myself, where as everything else I have written is either for others, or about something ‘other’ than my direct self.

And then there is the change in language.

Demand isn’t a word I’ve been comfortable using, nor do I feel like I have the right to demand anything from anyone; and while I still hold this idea to be true, I’ve introduced a distinction in my perspective on the concept of ‘demand’; and that is what I would like to explain today.

I think the concept of self love is both extremely important and extremely diluted. The ideology around self-love tends to primarily focus on making oneself the cetner of the universe, and catering to the self before others. While I do understand the importance of taking care of yourself, I believe the idea of self-love rooted solely in the ‘self’ is a recipe for disaster.

Both words, ‘self’ and ‘love’ are intricate, complex and woven concepts. To disregard all other relative associates would be to carry a binary, or worse simplistic perspective of ‘self-love’.

So I’ve broadened my understanding, and my approach to self love to include those special few whom are in my life, for they too directly impact me.

If I may say so myself, I think I am quite reserved when it comes to asking for something that I need. I carry a strong sense of responsibility and a heavy dose of guilt in asking for help, or love, or presence, or support, or whatever have you.

Changing my language, only for myself, allows me to teach myself that I am not wrong is asking for what I need.

Remembering to soften my language and keep in regard the impact of my words on others, is the lesson in humility that I must carry as I journey down this road of self-discovery.


In short, you’ve got this girl; and you can most certainly ask for what you need.

Lots of Love,




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