Attentiveness only deepens what it regards. – Jane Hirshfield

At first I used to consider my breadth of inquisitiveness a limitation; after all: If I’m curious about everything, how am I ever supposed to get good at one thing?

Our world praises the expert; the guy who knows everything there is to know about a one something (or perhaps a few somethings). We look down upon those whom have a variety of interests; the people who just can’t stay with one thing for too long because something else catches their eye. We call them disorganized and un-focused.

I disagree. Awareness will only deepen what it regards; if I study only one subject, I will become familiar with only one subject. If I study many subjects, then I will become familiar with many subjects.

My curiosity allows me to indulge in many subjects; I have come to admire this about myself. Why? Because my purpose isn’t to make the world go round, my purpose in life is to take the world forward; this is a task for curiosity. My eclectic inquisitive nature has given me the perfect arsenal for an endless supply of questions; these questions will convert my curiosity into controlled inquiry.*  And that my dear is how I will change the world.

*Quote from Warren Berger’s book, A More Beautiful Question 

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