Perception becomes Reality

There is no objective measure, it is only relative to the measurement of another observer that a difference appears.

-Jana Levin (pg.36)

I find this idea to be liberating. If you accept the idea that your reality is an observed perception, then we no longer have to live life through binaries. We don’t have to approach life as: either you are right or I am. We can both be right, and this is the novelty of perspectives.

Many fear the lack of objectivity, for without an objective ‘baseline’ how can we compare ourselves to the other; how can we know if we are doing good? or successful? or happy?

Several aspects of life are ‘measured’ against another’s accomplishments, defeats, triumphs, achievements, etc. These are the objective measures that we use to create our narrative of life, but these artificial binaries construct a limiting reality. And to do full justice to reality, we must engage it from different perspectives. That is the philosophical principle of complementarity.

Quote from: How the Universe Got Its Spots by Janna Levin

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