Letting in the Light

A friend once reminded me that change is the only thing that can be taken for granted. So I started thinking, to embrace change means to be willing enough to take chances. Some chances work in our favor, they grow us; and some don’t, they hurt us.

In either case, every chance we take shapes us. Humans are pliable, like soft clay waiting to be molded. And as with all molds, you’re bound to obtain a few cracks along the way.

But cracks don’t symbolize lack of perfection, or breaking; cracks are just another way that light gets in.*

Nearly every meaningful act we engage in -trusting, loving, building friendships, making promises- requires us to take a chance. Naturally, we win some and we loose some. And even though the fear of lose is potent, a life lived in the void lacks all magic.

So yes, change is the only thing I take for granted now. I take chances, and I grow with every decision. My world continues to change, and the cracks… oh the cracks let in all of the worlds prismatic shades; I guess you can say letting in the light was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


My inspiration to write this piece came from my conversations with Gaurav Dahiya and my personal reflections.

*Modified lyrics from Leonard Cohen

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