Via per me (For Me)

I love traveling; going solo this time around, I realized that it’s a more reflective process, an inquisition on the self – a way to see me, meet me in all the contexts.

This time, I wander down the vias with a lot less “did you see that!” and “let’s go here” and a lot more quietude.

In the quiet of my thoughts I notice shoelaces tied on the backs of ankles, and high heels on cobblestones. I see yawns and dramatic hand gestures.

I’m a silent visitor in the lives of others; a participant in the backdrop of their stories. Soaking it all in and sharing none of it.

I miss that too, sometimes when I see something especially amusing- I click a photo, smile and think “I wish I could’ve shown you this in person – This point from my perspective.” We will have next time, for now a photo will do.

This time, exploring Rome on my own has allowed me to roam freely – from forums to gelato and everything in between, I consumed at a pace dictated only by me.


In my brain and from my voice, the only sounds were those of the people around me, milling and trilling – hey that used to be me!

And now, I get to just be. I don’t think this is what I had in mind when I planned this trip, it certainly isn’t what I thought I needed.

And yet as the sun sets on the enteral city- I get to soak in the moment, silently.

Lights twinkle, and I continue smiling, watching others be -yes this is exactly what I need.

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