There is a place in my heart,
That belongs only to you …

It always has.

I wish I could have been with you,
In your final moments.

Walking side by side –
A last journey,
Added to our timeline.

I wish I could have been with you.

But today,
All I can do is remember…

Your bright smile and desire to play –
Tail wagging, eyes shining,
Curiosity in your every step.

How you brought love into our home, 
and taught it to stay.

I wish I could have been with you.

Today, your suffering has eased;
And yes, I grieve.
And yes, I ache to visit the places you used to sleep.

Afterall, I miss you.

Although your tail has had it’s last wave,
I find peace in knowing,
That from pain and suffering –
you have been saved.

You know that place in my heart?
That one that belongs only to you?
The one that always has? Well,
Now it always will.

I love you Tiff ❤

2 thoughts on “Tiffany

  1. Love you Raashi 😘💕💕 our heart goes out to you and we feel your pain, rest assured my dear that Tiff is finally in a better place 🌹🙏🏼

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  2. In Tiff we have a “Angel” that lived among us, selfless , never complains, welcome us home with compassion and love all with wagging tail n her spl horsey dance 💐😘🙏🏼

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