My Dearest Nanu,

Thank you for bringing me home –
For showing me how to laugh,
For showering me with love,
For sharing your wisdom – always.

Thank you for encouraging me –
For being proud in the choices that I make,
For being curious about the things I create,
For being a listening ear in a world so eager to state.

Thank you for teaching me –
How to be patient, and kind, and considerate,
How to do math on my fingertips,
How to be a part of this planet – and appreciate this gift.

Thank you for embodying the lessons you taught us,
For living life with a love for life.

Today I reap the seeds you helped to plant, quite literally.
Today I cherish the flowers and the beauty of nature all around me,
Today I bring life into my home and my heart –
Just like you taught me.

And even in your passing, you’ve left us with another gift,
A reason to smile –
The difference this time:
We smile in your memory.

So, I smile & reminisce.
How much I love you,
How much I always have.
How much I always will.

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