A Note on Happiness

We must distinguish between bringing happiness to others and trying to make others happy.
– Emily Maroutian

Humans have an unconscious ability to spread happiness when they experience it themselves. Happiness has a habit of expanding, both within the person and to those around the person.*

And yet, ever so often, be it with awareness or without, we find ourselves on a mission to “help others” – to make them understand, feel better, find happiness – despite their willingness to meet us.

It is during these moments that it is imperative to remember the difference.

By definition – we cannot make anyone be anything other than what they wish to be, give anyone anything they do not wish to receive, nor make anyone understand a lesson they are not ready to understand.

The most we can ever do in life is to be the embodiment of what we believe.

So the best way to bring happiness to others is to be happy yourself.

Happiness starts with the self, and multiplies with interactions.

For the primary property of happiness is abundance….

which is why happiness never runs out.

After all, a candle that lights other candles will not lose it’s flame by sharing it.

*Quotes adapted from this book

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