Excerpt from a Letter I Didn’t Send

How are you?

I don’t know what will hurt you more,

reaching out or leaving you alone?

I suppose by not choosing, I’ve still made a choice.

Is it wrong of me to wish you’d reach out to me?

Not to reopen old wounds, but to weave a new relationship.

There is so much pain in this world, so much suffering.

I hope I haven’t given you more than you can bear.

I hope you find the strength to forgive me and then reach out when you’re ready.

I hope you know I’ll always be waiting.

Even if it takes till forever to hear from you that you are ok.

I’ll wait for you, because I believe that love is always the answer.

In moments of happiness and in moments of pain.

The only difference is when we are happy, love makes us dance and sing; and when we are in pain we wait days- months perhaps even years, just to hear a melody.

So I’ll wait for you, and I will hope you find me soon.

Till then, I want you to know that even though “love” changes…

I did love you then & a part of me will love you always.

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