The Journey Ahead

I do not know how long it will take,
For my heart to no longer break. 

And yet what choice do I have?
But to wait. 

This journey is long, and this pain deep.
Perhaps in my wishes I can find peace….

For you, I ask from the universe:

to find happiness through your grief.

to weave through moments of melancholy.

to find love again.

to stand tall, and meet your pain.

in the beauty of life.

And relief,
from all your strife.

Perhaps the truth is, what I wish for you, I wish for me.
After all, once upon a time our hearts unlocked with the same key.

Even though all has been said and done,
I want you to know…

You will always have a space in my heart.

For all of me- loved all of you… from the very start. 

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