It’s very easy to stay stuck.

We procrastinate, stagnate, blame, avoid, refuse, ignore, disagree – we do everything except seek uncertainty.

And in the process, our life passes us by.

To see this happen breaks my heart, to be in an environment in which I am surrounded by stagnating energy drains my soul, and to be victim of stagnation myself scares me.

I understand taking rest, I understand being cautious, I understand the need for time – I do.

What I do not understand – is after all that is said and done, how can one not actively seek novelty, and ways to grow?


Perhaps the answer is as simple as this: some people just have a larger soul – and to not seek learning is unfathomable; I am one of those people. And for everyone else – well they are on a different journey.

And I believe that is ok too…

just not for me.

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