What You Seek

Nothing new can come without including pieces of something that once was. A nebula explodes scattering its debris across the universe. It appears as if something has gone wrong, but this is how new worlds are created.

– Emily Maroutian

If you asked me what is the secret to life?

I would say the answer is what you seek.

Quite simply, we will always find what we are looking for.

Often times, we fall into the trap of believing that the narrative that is, is the only narrative that can be. This is not true. The reality that we are living today is only one in a multiverse of possibilities. Our responsibility is to first see this as true, and then as time passes, to find the courage to seek – and seek again our new beginnings.

At times, we find the courage to seek because what we desire becomes stronger than our fear of uncertainty. By no means is this process easy, and yet with every experience we become a bit more confident; with each experience we begin to believe in ourselves.

What I have come to realize is that we can create a space between stimulus and response; and by creating that space we allow ourselves the opportunity to choose our response. By cultivating our ability to sit, momentarily, with uncertainty we learn how to harness the ultimate power…

The ability to relinquish our need of certainty.

To do so does not mean to relinquish working hard, or believing, or continuous improvement – rather it means to cultivate faith in what yet hasn’t come and is coming.

It isn’t the same as resignation, nor is it the same as idling.

Rather, like the winter solstice, which is both the shortest day of the year, and also the beginning of the cycle of light: relinquishing our need for certainty is creating space for both the impact of what is happening and how we would like to interpret the narrative.

That is all. And in this simple lesson lies one of the greatest truths of humanity: every end is also a beginning.

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