What else could this mean?

All of life is a process of contraction and expansion. This is how life breathes.

-Emily Maroutian

Anger, sadness, happiness, frustration, elation – each emotion comes in waves, some caress while others crash against the shore.

Regardless, all emotions demand to be felt.

So I feel.

I let the emotions in; I let them take me out to sea, at times my emotions drown me, other times I float, gliding under a blanket of stars on the salty sea.

I have never been upset with my decision to feel, for I learnt a long time ago, the point isn’t to not feel, rather the point is to learn how to change our relationship with what we are feeling. 

When we do that, we are able to allow all the emotions in; and in the process we experience the totality of what life has to offer.

We no longer collapse with pain, or drown in sorrow. Neither do we disappear in joy, nor exaggerate in happiness.

We see that each emotion is a multiverse, and to humble ourselves in the presence of them, all we have to do is ask….

What else could this mean?


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