I searched for you, before I knew what I was looking for.

I craved you, before I realized I called you my home.

I needed you, before I understood why.

I cried for you, before I accepted you would not be a part of my life.

I have spent days, weeks, months saying your name.

Wondering, why you had to go away.

Dreaming, what meeting you now would allow me to gain.

Hoping, to catch a glimpse of your green eyes as the sun casts her rays.

The aura of your being imbues every aspect of the story of my life.

For I fell in love with you, before I even knew what love was like.

Yes, these feelings swell over me; yes, in this moment I am drowning in melancholy.

Yes, this too is my choice.

Just as tomorrow- choosing to live on is my choice.

For our lives are either defined by the voids created by those whom abandon, break, or ignore our love or by the narrative we choose to create despite the pain.

To choose is my choice.

And I choose to continue living.

I choose to love those whom love me.

I choose happiness.

And in my choice lies my future.

May it lead to my redemption, despite my pain.


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