Wholehearted Living

It is better to love with a whole heart, to give with a whole heart, and to trust with a whole heart than to never experience the beauty of love, the reward of giving, and the comfort of trusting.

-Najwa Zebian

There are three gifts I give to every person I meet: my time, my presence and my belief in who they can be.

Some people consider it foolish, some consider it naive -that I invest so easily.

While they may not be wrong, I believe in people not because I am naive, but because I believe in a person’s ability to live by the words they say.

Quite simply: I believe in a who you can be & I consider you worthy of my attention.

So I invest my time, my presence and my belief in understanding you.

And I will continue to, untill you give me a reason not to.

After all, it is the experience of being courageous enough to engage whole heartedly that will grow me, not the fear of it. 

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