Communication & Presence

Communication is key; on this we all agree. But perhaps something we don’t consider is that communication without feedback is incredibly frustrating.*

Weve all had the experience of talking to someone whose eyes drifted away to their phone, perhaps making us wonder whether our lackluster storytelling was to blame.*

Personally, disengaged conversations are worse than falling out of touch. After all, who feels wanted when the other is physically present and mentally away?

If you think about it, we don’t just listen with our ears, we listen with our bodies. Engaging with someone in a conversation should be a mental, physical, and emotional activity; this is how you show them they are wanted, this is how you validate the other and their perspective.

So perhaps, we should became a bit more aware, and strive for presence in what we do- especially when we are with those whom we love.

And then knowing if I am loved-wanted-needed will no longer be a question.

My inspiration to synthesize this piece came from my reading of Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths book: Algorithms to Live By.

*Quote from Book

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