And this is her Design




Life is in the form of a double helix. Happiness and sadness intertwine, and everything breaks down without the other.

-Jenn Satsune


I find paradoxes beautiful.

Everything I desire from life has a counter: happiness has sadness, desire has velleity, companionship has solitude, and adventure has placidity.

I’ve always admired balance. But I’ve come to realize that like a pendulum– balance is only temporary; that moment of perfection that I chase is just that- a moment. And I will have many moments in life, happy moments & sad moments.

So life isn’t about being balanced.

Instead life is about learning how to exist in-between contractions. Life is about balancing, and in the process reflecting on your intentions.


Just like my tattoo, the moments are my journey; the story is my design.


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