Redefine Normality

Why do people find different terrifying?

Anything that doesn’t fall into the category of known is by definition alien; yet paradoxically all that becomes familiar once started as foreign. So then why don’t we give novelty a chance?

It doesn’t cease to surprise me how often people pass up opportunities for the comfort of familiarity. Adventures, relationships, enterprise ventures, a new haircut, moving homes, difficult conversations and everything else in between. None remain privy to the fear of not conforming to societies standards of normality.

Cultural biases, the environment, your family, personal prejudices, past experiences, your knowledge- all this and so much more plays into a persons decision to be either a risk taker or risk averse.

Regardless, I wish to emphasize it’s ok to be different. No one says that you have to follow the rules. Personally, I’ve always considered rules to be life’s cheat sheet that advocates: when in doubt follow me.

That’s why I don’t live life passively. I explore, I discover, I redefine normality. Through this process of self discovery and growth I have found deep intrinsic joy from novel experiences.

Yet no matter what lifestyle you follow, in the end, all that has ever mattered is the conviction with which you choose to live the life you’ve chosen.

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