Letters on Love

I don’t believe in soul-mates; I don’t believe that there is a single special someone out there who was made ‘just for me’.

Statistically speaking the possibility of finding someone who fits into your life like the missing piece is near impossible. Think about it, the sheer combination of possibilities that could have happened versus that did happen to make you who you are today: the environment you were in, the morals you were raised with, the experiences you had, the obstacles you faced- all these and so much more shape you into your being; this is the creation of your essence.

How can we expect to find someone who fits perfectly into our life like the missing puzzle piece? You know the old cliche: look for someone that completes you? Yeah ok- you don’t just find someone that completes you, not ‘completely’ at least. And in all honesty you never really can, at least not without spending time with each other.

They say proximity breeds familiarity. Getting to know someone takes more than a coffee date and two dinners. You get to know someone by observing their character in action. You get to know someone by noticing how their temperament changes when things get rough. You get to know someone when you delve into their desires; see what passions light up their eyes when they talk. You get to know someone when you spend time with them, when you soak in their being. This is when you fall in love.

So those that claim love at first sight- good for you. Physical attractions are common, but will you choose to spend the time to see if there is a deeper connection?

To me that is where the magic is. So you see I do believe in love. I just don’t believe that it miraculously happens. To me love is a choice. To me love is waking up every morning and choosing to spend it with this someone. And honestly the thing is that it could be anyone, but what makes that someone special is that I chose him.

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