Think of you I still do.

if i can share with you —

Not knowing
if I have permission to.

So instead
I live in silence.

Living with the choice I made.

And so today – like every other,
Will be hallmarked simply as “another.”

Ache my burden to bear,
All my wishing curtailed.

The last promise I made
was to give you peace.

And in the loss of our —
what? friendship? relationship?

I stand on this ground with no footing
to request that you accept…

Once again the presence
of me.

And yet…

In hushed whispers I say your name,
with melancholy and tears glistening
I send out a prayer…

And then turn to my side,
and close my eyes.

Wondering if you know
I write about you when I can’t sleep at night.

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