What have they done to deserve suffering?
Why do they pay the most severe price? 

The poor, our children,
animals, mother nature.

When they are the Voiceless.

Silent screams echo in shadow and light;

Their strife – a sign of paying the debt
for our vice.

How is it fair? 
How is it right?

We choose to consume more than we need, abuse what we have, litter, destroy, pollute;
All without even blinking an eye.

Yet they end up worse; those who have little ability and say in the choices we make.
What a wicked twist of fate.

Yes, when the planet suffers, we all suffer; not just the Voiceless – but we have the ability to choose, to try, to speak –

They don’t.

They don’t have the same voice, or tools, or resources.

And yet, they suffer, much more, and much before we ever will.

Perhaps that’s the true definition of privilege: being the last population segment to die.

As we mine lands and cut forests and pollute oceans  – our industrial and commercial decisions redefine the globe.

So the weather begins to warm, the glaciers melt; our forests burn –
for there must be equilibrium.

And we stand arms wide open,

willingly welcoming Her death.

If we continue to choose ignorance;

then the Voiceless will continue to pay the price.

Neither is this just,
nor is it right.

The only way to create change is to take a stand.

One choice at a time, our actions will become the new force in this fight.

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