Travelling the road of Tragedy

There are some things
which happen just a little too soon,
a little too quick and
a little too deeply

– for us to ever heal completely.



Traversing through adversity.

At times,
the absence of a presence leaves a trace of residual energy –
a sillage of what once used to be.

Triggered by scents, a picture, a melody —

We find ourselves drifting back through time,
riding the waves of memory.

Reliving the emotions –
feeling the force of their presence with such tenacity;
that we begin to question,
what was once and what is reality?

Is it painful?
You ask me.

I smile, wryly.

Can what once gave you happiness,
no matter how brutal the end may be,
ever truly be a painful memory?

Rather, those of us who have suffered,
find refuge in sharing our pain.

For what can only exist in a memory,
is brought to life,
when we share our stories.

Ephemeral –
but nonetheless;
our voice has the ability,
to bring what once was,
once again into reality.

Is it right?
You ask me.

I smile, trepidly.

Only if you realize,
that the memories of days passed,
though beautiful and filled with melancholy;
are merely passing moments,

– no longer your reality.

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