Why is it that we leave,

the conversation feeling as if no progress has been made?

Why is it that we must wait,

for the other to be ready to receive,

before we can aid.

Why is it that we must watch silently,

as those we love suffer?

Why is it that they don’t listen,

even when we have fostered compassion in the way we converse?

Why is it that,

the other must initiate in order to receive?

Why is it that,

even though we can pry open the door to their hearts,

we can’t enter into the chambers of their mind?

Why is it that:

what I see — you cannot?

Why is it that,

in the end I must wait for you to come to me?

Even when I know you want to,

and you just can’t seem to find the way?

Why is it that in the end,

the only thing I can do is say:

I am here, and I am waiting —

all you have to do is reach.

And in your single act of faith you will unlock solace,

or peace – or whatever else it is you seek.  

But you still have to reach…

and I still have to wait.

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